National Company for Machinery and Equipment
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The Gulf Machinery Company was established with its headquarters in Qassim, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its headquarters for more than 10 years and is considered one of the first companies to invade the Saudi market with Chinese equipment and achieved a qualitative change in the world of construction equipment and changed the Saudi user’s view of Chinese equipment and opened the doors to companies Another Chinese presence in the Saudi market, whether heavy equipment, transportation, concrete, road equipment, etc. Through our experience in the Gulf countries, the equipment has been carefully selected to suit the harsh climatic conditions, and the equipment of the Gulf Machinery Company is distinguished by the uncomplicated technology to suit the exceptional operating conditions in the region.

The Gulf Machinery Company is also committed to its current and new customers to work to provide the highest level of services, technical support and after-sales services, and to provide spare parts through integrated work teams of highly qualified engineers, technicians and administrators around the clock.