LG420FC5 container forklift

Rated Power

370 HP

Max. Travel Speed (with Load)

24 Km/h

Rated Payload

35 Ton

Operating Weight

70 Ton


  • - Equipped with SCANIA DC12 50A Engine
  • - Equipped with DANA(CLARK) TE27 Transmission
  • - Axle DANA(CLARK) TE27
  • - The Extraordinary Strength of Structural Components Provide Unbelievable Working Capability
  • - High Strength Lifting Device Improves Safety
  • - Cab is Designed Elegantly from the Overall to the Detail

- Machine to configure high-intensity wide-view door frame to achieve the maximum degree of assurance the driver's field of vision.
- Drive axle with heavy-duty vehicles produced in Germany KESSLER drive axle. The engine stall condition can be automatically opened to provide more than 6 times of emergency braking pressure, safe and reliable
- Automatic transmission using the U.S. DANA, forward backward block of all three.
- VOLVO TAD 720VE engine, 6-cylinder turbo-supercharger.
- 20-40 feet empty container spreader with telescopic spreader.
- Equipped with the world's most advanced variable piston pump and load-sensing valve load sensing system.
- Equipped with box-type chassis, frame body as the car beam welded structure, hydraulic tank and fuel tank for the suspension structure
- CAN-bus electronic control system, engine and gearbox is equipped with electronic control unit
- Equipped with an advanced user-friendly spacious cab
- Equipped with heating and cooling air-conditioning system to ensure the operation comfort.