CDM6365 Excavators

Engine Power

240 HP (Cummins)

Bucket capacity

1.6 m3

Travel Speed

3.25 /5.43 Km/h

Operating Weight

34 Ton


  • - Cummins TDCI 4-cylinder engine
  • - AC Cabin
  • - Hydraulic Hammer Standard
  • - Free maintenance track with non- lubricated pins
  • - Dual-pump double-circuit
  • - Air-air inter cooling system

- Cummins TDCI 4-cylinder engine 180 HP
- Three-stage air and fuel filtering system
- Air-air inter cooling system with parallel radiator
- Dual-pump double-circuit constant power control hydraulic system
- Multi-purpose true color monitor with large screen
- No frame cab glasses to enlarge the visual field
- High performance and healthy A/C allows the air circulate
- Comfortable suspension seat with hydraulic damper
- Safe and comfortable cabin with 2.7m³ inner space
- Reasonable layout of robust main frame
- X-shaped undercarriage with heavy-duty box structure
- Free maintenance track with non- lubricated pins
- Heavy-duty boom and arm with high strength low alloy structural steels
- Heavy-duty bucket with high strength and wear-resistant steels