Impact Hot Crusher

SANYYO PF Series impact crushers feature a unique combination of heavy-duty rotor, crushing chamber and wear material. Dealing with the material no more than 350Mpa anti-pressure strength, Impact Crusher can be widely used in the first and secondary crushing.
During the process of operating, the rotor in high speed will be brought along by the electric motor. The material will be stricken by the Flat Hammer to be crushed, and then be countered to the liner for the second crushing, then be discharged through the discharge opening.

1. High crushing ratio, processed material is sharp when compared to Cone Crusher.
2. Bearing adopts keyless connection to ensure match with crusher frame.
3. Central rotating impact bar is manufactured from high quality chrome ensuring that this crusher is abrasion resistant with a long life span.
4. Able to be opened with an automatic hydraulic feature ensuring that this machine is easy to maintain.
5. Unique ceramic liner.
6. Unique designed impact plate.