TS-1006 Hot Recycling Asphalt Plant

Rated Capacity RAP Asphalt

48 Ton/Hour

Rated Capacity Virgin Asphal

80 Ton/Hour

Burner POWER

9.8 M.Watt

RAP Mixer Capacity

600 KG

RAP Storage

8 Ton

- Furnace: The unique designed durance uses the hot emission from dyer drum to reduce the temperature of hot air by furnace. The hot air (500c-900c) will heat the RAP and prevent the RAP from direct contact with flame to slow the aging of bitumen around the surface of RAP.
- The heat drum of RAP: The design of elastic paddles solves the problem of RAP sticking with drum and paddle during heating .There are also several paddles with look to collect large size of RAP from RAP and make them roll and fall in the drum with better heat effect.
- Emission handling : The vent makes the emission to go to the outlet of the dryer drum of virgin aggregate if 2nd burning .The method solves the pollution of large blue smoke during the RAP heating.
- The RAP Recycling plant mainly comprises RAP Feeding System, Materials Lift System, Drying System, Hot Recycling Materials Storage Bin and Weighing System, Pipes for Absorbing Harmful Gas, Control System and so on.