CDM512D Road Roller

Rated POwer

150 HP/2200 RPM

Static Linear Load

31 KG/CM


6.5/5.5 Ton

Operating Weight

12 Ton


  • - Front & Rear Light for Night Operation
  • - Panoramic Cabin / Comfortable seat
  • - Close-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
  • - Wear And Impress Resistant
  • -Powerful DF Cummins Engine

- DCEC Cummins supercharged diesel engine with large coefficient of reverse power and lower oil consumption.
- Front and rear wheel driving hydraulic system with 4-speed CVT and strong grade ability.
- Closed-loop hydraulic vibration system with vatable frequency and amplitude, optimization of linear load and exciting force.
- Vibratory steel drum made of high-strength material with well wear resistance an impress resistance.
- Engine hood is opened backward through manual operation and oil cylinder booster, large space for repair and maintenance, labor saving.
- Brake system on front and rear wheel with oil cut-off device, making sure of safety of machine and operator.
- Equipped with A/C system as standard to make operation environment comfortable.
- Equipped with cam as optional, to be multipurpose.