Belt Conveyor

Quartz & Glass raw material

Building material

Cement material


Metallurgy & Mining & Coal

Artificial sandy soil

Sand material plant

Highway construction

The Sanyyo Conveyor is a dedicated frame use to transport loose material on belting. It is widely used in the following fields: Metallurgical, coal, ore, building material, chemical, grinding and hydroelectric power sections.
Each conveyor belt can be dedicated to specific transmission of different sized material.
A combination of a conveyors can be used together to transport a range of different sized material to different locations with the plant line.
They may be used in horizontal or slanted applications as required for specific tasks.
Our Conveyor Belting can work within temperature ranges of -50℃ to 60℃, while material transmission temperature can be as height as 60℃ or more.


1. Seamless belting, which is a better product than competitors ensuring a longer life span and stability whilst in operation.
2. Able to transport larger capacities with simple structure.
3. Easy to maintain and standardized parts.
4. Sanyyo manufacturers a diversified range of conveyor belting which can be used in many different applications as required by our customers.
5. Installation angle can be designed on with 0 to 22°