RGPS Intelligent System

One button Start or stop the production line

Intelligently monitoring working conditions of equipment

Daily Reprting and montly report

By:ABB & Schneider Electric and XINI SPRED ELECTRIC

We design highly Intelligent Systems to suit our customers' increasingly complex and demanding crushing production line needs. Intelligent operating systems are divided into the following sections:

1. The Central Control Module: intelligent control - combining machine and human operation.
2. Electronic Control System: control equipment used to start, stop and protect normal running of the production line.
3. The Induction System: real-time monitoring and function of the system where managers can depend on the intelligent system.
4. Information Sharing: Where first-hand information may be accessed by managers or owners via the man/machine integrated communication system.
5.Electronic monitoring of the plant enables management to truly sit back and relax, by being able to manage the production line via remote 24 hours a day.