HBT100.18.186RSU Trailer Pumps

Drive power

250 HP

Max.Theoretical Output

93/54 m3/h

Max.Theoretical Concrete Output Pressure

100/180 bar

Concrete Cylinder (diameter×stroke)

200×1800 mm

- Intelligent control system: Self-diagnosis and protection Function make the machine more stable and reliable. Configuration of the touch screen, real-time monitoring of operating conditions, view the fault records and maintenance skills.
- Dual pump dual circuit hydraulic system: Pumping hydraulic system and distribution hydraulic system cooperate with each other and do not interfere with each other. This design is easy to realize the logic control, and make the best performance of hydraulic system.
- Flexible reversing technique: Monitoring the whole pumping conditions. Automatically adjust the various mechanism to achieve smooth pumping of concrete without impact, improve the pumping efficiency, and extend parts lives.
- Best time difference logic reversing technique: The main cylinder reversing and S valve change-over time is in the best state. The reversing impact is small, and the components’ lives are longer.
- Engine start at a key: According to the rotation speed and the starting time, the utility model can automatically close or cut off the starting circuit. Protect the starting motor of the diesel engine.
- Adaptive variable power technology: According to the concrete conditions and pumping conditions, engine can always work at the best load rate, to ensure that it works at the economic fuel consumption level.
- Long life wearing parts: Reduce working cost remarkably. Continuously improve wearing part’s life by using material, new process and new designing.