4Z Truck Mounted Pump

Max. placing span (vertical)

From 23.2 m to 33.1 m

Max.Theoretical Output

Min. unfold height

From 4.7 m to 7.9 m

Rotating angle

270 Degree

- Compact in design, 23m/33m pump mounted on 2-axle truck, total weight is less than 16/20 tons.
- Efficient pump unit, ideal for medium jobs.
- Agile placing boom with 3 arms and unfolding height 6.41m/7.9m only, which gives a wide work range in narrow jobsite.
- Controller is designed for heavy duty use, with a monitor, it monitors the pump intelligently on working data management, real-time diagnostics, alarm logging, and service interval notice.
- Rich in configurations and high quality components.
- Flexible outrigger stretching based on site space, automatic system judge on safe working range of the boom, greatly improved site adaptability
- Real-time whole-machine stability monitoring, automatic rollover warning and active interference, ensuring the working safety.